The 27 Legit Areas To Find Agates In New Mexico In 2024

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD

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The 27 Legit Areas To Find Agates In New Mexico In 2024

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD


Finding agate in New Mexico can be challenging for people who have never done it. The state’s large, varied, and geologically exciting landscapes can be hard to understand without a knowledgeable guide or accurate map.

Many newcomers wander through deserts, mesas, and mountains, hoping to find these semiprecious gemstones. However, they often end up with bags of common rocks because they think they’ve found the coveted agates.

With our help and patience, finding the perfect New Mexico agate with its mesmerizing patterns and colors can be a rewarding experience instead of a pointless one. Join us as we delve right into it!

What is New Mexico Agate?

A beautiful and distinct formation of agate with stunning patterns
Lace Agate photo provided by Mineral Masterpiece

Agate is a chalcedony type, a cryptocrystalline form of silica made up mostly of quartz. It’s known for its fine grain and bright colors. It often comes in bands of different colors that look like the rings of a tree trunk.

These bands can be of various colors, from soft pastels to deep, rich tones. They are caused by the gradual buildup of impurities in the silica gel. Agate can also have spots, patterns, or inclusions of other minerals, which add to its unique and often complicated look.

The stone is clear and has many different patterns that make it a favorite among people who like gemstones and jewelry makers. The different colors and patterns emerge from changes in the mineral content of the groundwater during its formation process.

We’ve created an article about how much agates are worth for more information.

Moss agates

Even though it is called “moss agate,” it does not contain natural moss. This beautiful type of chalcedony is known for its beautiful inclusions resembling moss, ferns, or other plants.

Manganese, iron, or other minerals usually form these dendritic inclusions, which resemble branching shapes in semi-transparent stone.

The inclusions’ rich green, brown, or reddish patterns stand out against the chalcedony’s transparent, milky, or bluish background, making a striking contrast that can look like a small forest or landscape inside the stone.

Yes, moss agates can be found in New Mexico. The state, known for its diverse geology and rich mineral deposits, has several locations where rockhounds can find various types of agates, including moss agates.

Fire agates

Fire agate is a chalcedony with beautiful iridescence and mesmerizingly plays with light and color. The shimmering look of this unique gemstone comes from the way light bounces off of thin layers of iron oxide or limonite crystals inside the stone.

Light through these microscopic layers creates a sparkling show of reds, greens, golds, and blues that looks like a plunging fire. Because of how it looks and its rarity, fire agate is a popular gemstone among collectors and people who like to wear jewelry.

With its rich geologic diversity and history, New Mexico is indeed one of the regions in the southwestern United States where fire agate can be found. Particularly in the southern parts of the state, there are several known fire agate localities where enthusiasts have successfully uncovered these radiant gemstones.

Blue lace agates

Blue lace agate is a variety of chalcedony admired for its delicate, lace-like patterns and soft, calming blue hues. These patterns often appear as light blue stripes and swirls, with bands of white, creating an intricate and soothing appearance.

The stone emanates gentle energy, often associated with tranquility, grace, and serenity. Its ethereal beauty and therapeutic properties have made blue lace agate a favorite among gemstone lovers, jewelry designers, and crystal healing enthusiasts.

Blue lace agate is not abundant in the state of New Mexico.

How We Know About Great Locations For Agate in New Mexico
With agates being so beautiful you can image that the best spots are not always advertised widely. In fact, it isn’t unusual for good places to find agates to be secrets known by just a few locals. Fortunately, you do know someone who has been around the block!

The key factors in our recommendations are:

  • The deep experience and understanding of our team about the area
  • Recommendations from local groups and clubs
  • How easy it is to get the a particular location
  • Safety and potential hazards when collecting
  • Weighing private and public locations
  • The ability for both experienced and novice agate enthusiasts to find great samples

With these factors in mind we’ve been able to put together a fantastic list that just about anyone can use!

Rock pick being used

The tools every agate hunter will need

When you're out looking for agates having the right tools for the job is really going to make or break your success. You don't need a lot for most trips but there are a handful that are critical and will make your life a lot easier.

We get asked a lot about the equipment we use. Over the years we've found a handful of tools that we recommend to both new and experienced agate hunters which we outline in great detail in our complete rockhounding tools and kit guide. These are quality options that also happen to be relatively inexpensive.

Below are the basic tools that make your life so much easier and save you a ton of time. Check out the full guide to see everything we recommend bringing. One quick note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases but we try very hard to only recommend gear we would use ourselves and often recommend brands you can't find on Amazon.

At a minimum you should have:

1 - Sturdy rock hammer: The Estwing Rock Pick is our standard

2 - Rugged chisels: Try Kendo' 3-piece Chisel Set

3 - Compact shovel: The Koleiya 28-inch shovel works well

4 - Rock screen pan: The Wazakura Soil Sieve Set fits the bill

5 - Eye protection: DeWalt Safety Glasses are cheap and comfortable

6 - Head protection: Malta's Safety Helmet has been our go-to

7 - Jewelers lens with at least 20x magnification: Jarlink's Jewelers Loop is perfect

The agate-finding books that we use most

There are also a few books that have been extremely helpful in the search for gems. These books have great recommendations and tips:

National Audubon Society Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals: North America 

Southwest Treasure Hunter's Gem & Mineral Guide 

Earth Treasures: The Southwestern Quadrant 

We provide links to find these tools on Amazon but some can also be found at your local hardware stores. For more recommendations check out the link to our full tool guide above.

The Best Spots To Find Agates in New Mexico

A stunning banded polished agate with different hues of orange and brown
Striped polished agate photo provided by and available for purchase at abijouxparis

We’ve listed our recommendations in the state where you can find agate specimens. There are also several exciting locations to find gems in New Mexico, but not all contain agates.

Always Confirm Access and Collection Rules!

Before heading out to any of the locations on our list you need to confirm access requirements and collection rules for both public and private locations.

These requirements are subject to change without notice and may differ from what we state below.

Always get updated information directly from the source ahead of time to ensure responsible rockhounding.

Caballo Mountains

A picturesque view of the Caballo Mountains in New Mexico

The Caballo Mountains, situated in southern New Mexico, are a striking range that extends roughly north-south for about 23 miles. These mountains are part of the larger Basin and Range Province, reflecting a rich geological history of volcanic activity and subsequent erosion.

The diverse range of mineral formations provides a fertile ground for different agate varieties, each telling a tale of the Earth’s transformative processes for years. Additionally, the presence of chalcedony, a microcrystalline form of quartz, in the vicinity indicates good prospects for locating agate nodules.

Before bringing your agate finds back home from New Mexico, ensure you know the most up-to-date rules about collecting there.

Where we found agates in the Caballo Mountains

Located on the east side of the Caballo Mountains, Red Hill is a site known for its agate deposits. Agates found here are often red or pinkish and may display beautiful banding or other patterns.

Cimarron Canyon State Park

The majestic formation of the Cimarron Canyon

Cimarron Canyon is a stretch of rugged beauty formed by the Cimarron River cutting through the soft volcanic rock of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. This steep canyon boasts dense forests, cascading streams, and abundant wildlife, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Geologically speaking, Cimarron Canyon’s past volcanic activity and millennia of erosive forces have left a treasure trove of minerals in its wake. The diverse mineral composition in the region implies a good chance of discovering agates with unique patterns and colors.

For those with a keen eye and a bit of persistence, Cimarron Canyon offers a breathtaking backdrop for exploration and the promise of unearthing geological wonders like agates, further enriching the experience of this picturesque location.

Where we found agates in the Cimarron Canyon State Park

The Cimarron River flows through the park and is a logical starting point. Check the exposed and eroded sections of riverbanks, as well as the gravel and pebble beds. The erosive action of the river can uncover agates that have been hidden within the surrounding rock.

Some of the hiking trails within the park also traverse geological formations. The sides of these trails can sometimes reveal rocks and minerals, including agates, especially in areas where erosion or past human activity has exposed the underlying rock.

Hatchet Mountain

A gorgeous scenic view of the Hatchet Mountain

Hatchet Mountain is a testament to the region’s vibrant geological tapestry. With its diverse mineralogical composition, this mountain is a beacon for geologists and rock enthusiasts.

The intricate blend of volcanic and sedimentary rock layers within the mountain suggests a history of varied geological processes, from volcanic eruptions to the sediment accumulation of ancient seas.

Such a mix is often conducive to forming agates; indeed, the mountain offers pockets of these semi-precious stones. The agates here have formed in the cavities of volcanic rocks and have been revealed by millennia of erosion.

Where we found agates in the Hatchet Mountain

Places, where the mountain’s rock has been naturally eroded by wind and rain might expose agates and other minerals.

Nacimieto Mountains

The majestic view at the top of the Nacimiento Mountain where you can see the vast area surrounding it

Nacimiento Mountain epitomizes the American Southwest’s geological wonders. Rooted in a complex geological past, this mountain showcases layers of rock that chart a history stretching back millions of years.

The mountain’s unique interplay of volcanic and sedimentary processes makes it a particularly fertile ground for agate hunting. Weathering and erosion have further worked to expose these concealed gems, creating opportunities for discovery.

For rockhounds, the mountain’s charm isn’t just in the promise of finding agates but also in witnessing the dramatic display of Earth’s ever-evolving story. Each banded pattern or color variation within an agate echoes an epoch of geological transformation.

Where we found agates at Nacimiento Mountain

Historically, the Nacimiento Copper Mine, located in the mountain, was an active site. The region around this mine is known to have various minerals, and it’s plausible that agates could be among them.

San Francisco Mountains

A vibrant scene of lush mountains and forests at the San Francisco Mountain

San Francisco Mountain is a monument to the region’s vibrant geological canvas. Composed of a mosaic of rock types, this mountain encapsulates the story of ancient tectonic movements, volcanic eruptions, and the passage of time.

The combination of the mountain’s geology and the erosive forces of the region means that agates can be found in exposed outcrops, dry riverbeds, and other eroded areas where the mineral treasures have been unveiled.

Where we found agates in the San Francisco Mountain

Since agates are often associated with volcanic activity, look for areas where volcanic rocks are exposed. These can sometimes contain cavities filled with agates.

Some trails might also expose agates. Check along trail sides and in exposed rock areas.

Other Great Places To Find Agates in New Mexico

The unique and majestic formations at the Peloncillo Mountains

We’ve already given you our best recommendations on where to find agates in New Mexico. Since we want you to be successful in your search and help you further, we’ll suggest more places where you can locate them in the state. We’ve listed them by county below:

Our recommendations by county

County Location
Bernalilio Rio Puerto Valley, all area gravels, surfaces, draws, and washes
Bernalilio ALbuquerque area, in banks of arroyos leading towards the river and on adjacent ridges
Catron Lee Russell and Kerr canyons, along way and area surfaces

Turkey Flat gravels and surfaces
Catron Around Elk Horn Park
Catron In the widespread Plains of San Augustine in exposures of volcanic tuffs
Catron Many regional localites in Luna area
Grant Area surrounding Cap Rock Mountain
Grant Alum Peak area surfaces
Hidalgo Peloncillo Mountains
Luna Little Florida Mountains
McKinley Willow Springs
Rio Arriba All area benchlands to Pedernal Peak
Sandoval Regional draws and washes
Santa Fe Mt. Chalchihuitl
Sierra Mud Springs Mountains

Additional areas you can find agates

Here are some more specific places where you can find agates. We want to help you find these beautiful stones because New Mexico is vast.

Fresh rock exposures

Fresh rock exposures offer an exciting prospect for agate collectors. These newly uncovered areas, whether from natural processes like erosion or human activities such as construction and mining, present a window into the Earth’s hidden geology.

Unlike weathered surfaces, which have been subjected to years of elemental wear, fresh exposures reveal rocks in their more pristine state, often showcasing minerals and gemstones that have remained concealed for millennia.

Streams and creeks

Streams and creeks, with their ceaseless flow and erosive power, stand as dynamic geological agents, constantly reshaping the landscapes they traverse. These waterways serve as natural conveyor belts for agate collectors, unearthing and transporting hidden gems from their origin points to more accessible locales.

As agates form within volcanic rock cavities, the surrounding softer rock gradually erodes, releasing these treasures. Streams and creeks expedite this process, washing away the eroded material and often revealing agates.

Washes and ravines

Washes and ravines, shaped by the intermittent yet powerful forces of water and erosion, offer a unique landscape for agate enthusiasts. As channels, they capture runoff from larger areas, directing water flow and sedimentary cargo through narrowed pathways.

This concentrated movement plays a pivotal role in revealing hidden geologic treasures. As water rushes through, it erodes the softer surrounding rock, potentially unmasking agates that have been encapsulated for ages.

Common Agate-Hunting Questions

A stunning purple agate that look like grapes
Druzy grape agate photo provided by Exotic Crystals – @exoticcrystals

These are the most commonly asked questions when people visit New Mexico to look for agates.

Is it illegal to collect agate in New Mexico?

You can collect agates in New Mexico following all the rules and regulations. When you’re on private land, ensure you have the permission to enter and collect the specimens there.

The Best Places To Buy Agates In New Mexico

Taos Gems and Minerals rock shop in New Mexico where you can find and buy different kinds of agate specimens

Not everyone likes spending the day outdoors just looking for agates under the heat. Sometimes, you only need one piece to add to your collection or give as a gift. Here are the list of rock shops in New Mexico where you can easily find agate specimens:

If you have any recommendations for our list please leave a comment below!

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