What Sapphire Is Actually Used For And Its Real Benefits

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD

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What Sapphire Is Actually Used For And Its Real Benefits

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD


Sapphire is more than just a pretty gemstone to wear. Many might wonder what is sapphire good for beyond its beauty.

This gemstone is one of the hardest minerals on Earth, second only to diamond. Its strength means it doesn’t scratch easily, making it ideal for daily wear in jewelry like rings and necklaces. However, its uses go beyond jewelry.

Sapphire’s unique properties make it invaluable in industries like electronics, optics, and more. We’ll deep into the diverse uses of sapphire, providing insights into its importance and versatility.

Understanding Sapphire Its Origins

rough blue sapphire crystal
Sapphire provided by GemsYouNeed

Sapphire is a precious gemstone that forms deep within the Earth. It’s created when aluminum oxide minerals are exposed to high temperatures and pressure over millions of years.

These conditions often happen in areas with volcanic activity or where tectonic plates move against each other. Once formed, sapphires can be found in rocks or alluvial deposits where erosion has carried them.

Countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Australia, and Madagascar are famous for their rich sapphire mines. This is why these countries are known as the best sources of sapphire.

Historically, sapphire has been a symbol of power and strength. Royals and leaders have worn sapphire jewelry for centuries.

Its hard nature also made it valuable for practical uses. Beyond jewelry, sapphire has been used in watch faces, scientific instruments, and even some medical tools.

The meaning of sapphire

The name “sapphire” comes from the Latin word “sapphirus” and the Greek word “sappheiros,” both meaning blue.

It’s believed that these words might have originally referred to another blue gem, lapis lazuli. Over time, the name became associated with the beautiful blue gem we know today.

Throughout history, various cultures have cherished sapphire for its striking color and brilliance, making it a favorite in jewelry and royal collections.

What Sapphire Is Good For And Used For

Sapphire is not just a beautiful gemstone to wear; it has many practical uses.

Its unique properties make it valuable in various industries, from electronics to medicine. The price of sapphire often reflects both its beauty and these important functions.


deep blue emerald-cut sapphire center stone on a gold ring
Sapphire ring provided by SarahEliseJewelry

Sapphires have long been treasured for their striking colors and brilliance. They’re a popular choice in jewelry, from sparkling rings to elegant necklaces. But what does sapphire do to elevate a piece of jewelry?

Its hardness makes it durable, so it’s perfect for everyday wear without easily getting scratched. This means jewelry with sapphire can handle everyday wear without scratching easily. Because of this, it’s a top choice for engagement rings.

Beyond the classic deep blue, sapphires come in a rainbow of colors, adding versatility to jewelry designs. Whether set in gold, silver, or platinum, a sapphire’s shine and color can make any piece stand out.

If you’re unsure if a stone you have is sapphire, you can check our guide for tips on how to identify your rock. We also have guides for rock and minerals for every state, so you can check if you can find sapphire near you.

Watch Crystals

clear oval cut sapphire
Sapphire provided by JupiterGemLA

When people buy high-end watches, they want them to last and look new for a long time. Using sapphire for the watch crystal, the clear part you look through to see the time, is a smart choice. After all, it doesn’t scratch easily.

This means that even after years of wear, the watch face can still look crystal clear. The hardness of sapphire also gives the watch extra protection against accidental bumps or drops.

And, because it’s transparent, it allows for a clear view of the watch’s details.

So, in many luxury watches, you’ll find sapphire crystals ensuring both beauty and durability.

Electronic Substrates

several deep blue sapphire crystals
Sapphire provided by GemmoreRaw

Sapphire is a standout material in the world of electronics, especially in the making of semiconductors. A semiconductor is a material that can conduct electricity under certain conditions, and they’re essential in devices like phones and computers.

These semiconductors use sapphire as a substrate or base layer. Its electrical insulating properties make sure that electrical currents go only where they’re supposed to, which helps devices work correctly and safely.

Also, because sapphire can handle high temperatures, it’s great for processes where heat is involved. Manufacturers value sapphire substrates because they can help make devices more reliable, long-lasting, and efficient.

Laser Rods

bright blue sapphire crystals shaped like six-sided prisms
Sapphire provided by MineralsHeavenShop

Lasers have become essential tools in many fields, and the materials used in them play a crucial role in their effectiveness. One such material is titanium-doped sapphire.

This unique combination harnesses the strength and clarity of sapphire while being enhanced by titanium to produce a versatile laser crystal.

One of the significant sapphire benefits in this application is its broad tunable range, which means it can produce different wavelengths of light. This makes it a top choice for lasers that need to be adjusted for various tasks.

Whether in medical equipment, research labs, or technology manufacturing, titanium-doped sapphire stands out as a reliable and flexible laser material.

Infrared Optical Components

pale blue translucent sapphire crystal
Sapphire provided by ThrowinStones

When thinking about what sapphire is used for, most might think of jewelry. However, sapphire has a special role in technology too. One of its unique uses is in infrared optical components.

Infrared is a type of light that we can’t see with our eyes but can feel as heat. Sapphire has the ability to transmit this light very well over a wide range of wavelengths. This means it can help devices “see” in the infrared range.

For example, in night vision equipment or thermal cameras, where ordinary glass won’t work, sapphire elements become the perfect choice.

Its strength and clarity make it a reliable material for these essential tools, ensuring that they perform at their best.

Unproven Sapphire Benefits And Additional Uses

Many gems, including sapphire, have stories and beliefs tied to them that go beyond their physical properties. For centuries, cultures around the world have associated sapphire with certain spiritual qualities.

While these beliefs aren’t backed by science, they hold special meaning for many people.

An Important Note About The Healing and Metaphysical Properties Of Sapphire

We are about to discuss some of the claimed metaphysical and healing properties of sapphire. It is important to know that there is no scientific evidence or studies that support any of these claims in any way.

All studies and research that have been conducted on the healing and metaphysical properties of sapphire and other crystals have shown that study participants report the same perceived benefits whether they are given real or fake sapphire.

Any alleged success in healing or other benefits is believed to be either falsely attributed to sapphire exposure or a result of the placebo effect. There has not been a single claim of healing or metaphysical powers that has been able to be verified.

Sapphire healing properties

deep blue polished sapphire sphere with white splotches
Sapphire sphere provided by TheGlobalStone

For many years, people have believed that certain gems, like sapphire, have healing properties. While there’s no scientific proof, some say sapphire crystal benefits include bringing clarity to the mind and helping with focus.

They also believe that this gem can calm nerves and reduce stress, making it a favorite for those seeking peace and balance in their lives. Wearing or carrying sapphire is thought to boost confidence and protect against negative energy.

Sapphire metaphysical properties

bright blue sapphire tower
Sapphire tower provided by AmitaCreationsShop

Sapphire is often linked to various metaphysical properties, beliefs about the stone’s energy and influence that go beyond the physical world.

Many people see sapphire as a stone of wisdom and truth. It’s thought to help its bearer see clearly, making it easier to find one’s path in life.

Some also believe that sapphire can boost communication skills, especially in expressing deep thoughts and feelings.

Additionally, this gem is said to bring protection, guarding against negative thoughts and energies.

Sapphire crystal benefits

pale blue translucent sapphire crystal with six sides
Sapphire provided by sagacollection

Sapphire crystals have been cherished for centuries, not just for their beauty but also for the benefits people believe they offer. Some claim these crystals can bring clarity of thought, reduce stress, and even boost confidence.

By wearing or carrying sapphire crystals, it’s believed they can shield against negative energy and attract positivity.

Due to the high demand for these benefits, there’s been an increase in fake sapphire being sold in the market.

It’s important to be cautious and well-informed, ensuring that you get genuine sapphire crystals to enjoy their true essence and potential benefits.

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