What Emerald Is Actually Used For And Its Real Benefits

By Keith Jackson - Geologist

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What Emerald Is Actually Used For And Its Real Benefits

By Keith Jackson - Geologist


Emerald is a lovely green gem that has been loved for a long time. Along with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, it’s one of the four most valuable gems.

They are usually set in jewelry like rings, necklaces, and earring. Being soft means, they must be handled carefully so they don’t get scratched. Emeralds are essential in some cultures for religious or ceremonial reasons and jewelry.

Emeralds have a long history and are still beautiful enough to draw people from all over the world.

This article will take you on a journey to learn about emeralds’ beautiful benefits. We’ll look at this gem’s value in ancient times and how it’s used today.

Understanding Emeralds And Its Origins

A gorgeous cylindrical emerald specimen
Emerald photo provided by and available for purchase at abijouxparis

Emeralds are made of the mineral beryl, which gives them their deep green color. Chromium and vanadium are found in beryl. People think an emerald is more valuable if it’s very bright green.

Cleopatra, one of the most famous queens of ancient Egypt, was known to have a passion for emeralds and even claimed a mine that produced these gemstones as her own.

You can find emeralds in different parts of the world. Some of the most famous sources include Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Each location can produce emeralds with slightly different shades of green or qualities.

Historically, emeralds have been treasured for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians, for instance, loved emeralds so much that they mined them near the Red Sea.

These gemstones were used in jewelry, royal crowns, and even burial items for mummies.

Over time, other civilizations also started to value emeralds, using them in jewelry, as part of royal collections, or trade.

The meaning of Emerald

There are long-lost roots for the name “emerald” that take us through many languages and cultures. “Emerald” comes from the Old French word “esmeralde,” which in turn comes from the Latin word “esmaraldus” used in the Middle Ages.

But that’s not where the story begins. The word comes from the Greek word “smaragdos,” which means “green gem.”

The fact that “smaragdos” didn’t just mean emeralds is very interesting. In the past, this word was used for several different green stones. So, while we know what an emerald is today, the word may have been used for some different green gems.

What Emerald Is Good For And Used For

People worldwide have wanted emeralds for centuries because of their beautiful green color. Besides their undeniable beauty, these gems have been used for various purposes.

In this part, we’ll talk about emeralds’ many uses and benefits, showing how valuable and helpful they are.

Art and decor

An exquisite emerald vase with gold detail
Emerald photo provided by DekorStyle

Emeralds have been a favorite among artists and home decorators for a long time because of their bright green color.

When used in art, these stones are sometimes added to complicated sculptures to make them look more expensive and draw attention to certain details. They look great when they sparkle in the light and make a sculpture or piece stand out.

Regarding home decor, emeralds can be found in fancy boxes, vases, and even furniture. Imagine a lamp or a box made of beautifully carved wood that has emeralds set into it.

These kinds of pieces can be the room’s focal point. Emeralds can also be used in mosaics or wall art because their green color can go well with other materials or colors.

Emeralds have always been a sign of sophistication and elegance when used in art and home decor.

Awards and trophies

A luxurious emerald trophy with gold handles

Emeralds, which are rare and have a beautiful green color, are sometimes used to make awards and trophies look more expensive. When a competition or event wants to make the prize look extra special, they might use emeralds in the design.

A trophy might have emerald studs or an emerald in the middle, making it shine and stand out on the awards table.

Putting emeralds in an award can also mean excellence, rarity, and top-level achievement, just like the stone is considered unique and valuable. Due to the gem’s high value, this isn’t done very often.

However, some awards or recognition might be made entirely of emeralds. Overall, adding emeralds to trophies and awards makes them more important and grand, which makes the people who receive them feel even more praised.


A beautifully carved emerald bottle with an intricate pattern
Emerald photo provided by DivineGemsandJewel

Even though emeralds aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of beauty products, they have a place in the business. Some high-end cosmetic brands make their products stand out by adding emerald powder or extracts.

The gemstone’s shimmering particles can give eyeshadows, nail polishes, and highlighters a sparkle or sheen that makes them look better.

Emerald’s bright green color can also inspire makeup colors and palettes. An eyeliner or lipstick called “emerald green” might be named and colored after the stone.

The idea and beauty of emeralds are used in marketing and product design to make cosmetics look more expensive and appealing to customers. The real gem may not be in all of these products.

Fashion and design

A silver tiara with emerald stones around it
Emerald photo provided by deGraysCollection

Emeralds, a beautiful green shade, have made a big splash in fashion and design. Of course, the most obvious way they show up is in jewelry, which makes clothes look more elegant.

Emeralds are used in jewelry, but they are also found in other fashion accessories. Picture a purse with emerald clasps or a belt with tiny emerald studs.

Fashion designers sometimes get ideas for their lines of clothes from the deep color of emeralds. They make dresses, shirts, and scarves in “emerald green.” The stone could also be sewn into clothes, like a jacket or hat, to make them look more expensive.

Also, emeralds could be used in general design projects, like making shoes or eyeglass frames. Because of its bright color and sparkle, the gemstone is often used to add a touch of luxury to fashion and design items.


A pair of luxurious emerald earrings with a gold clasp
Emerald photo provided by YvbardJewelry

One of the most sought-after gems in jewelry is the emerald. Because they are such a beautiful shade of green, they are often used to make jewelry.

In rings, emeralds are often the central stone, with diamonds or other gems that go well with them set around them. Emerald pendants or necklaces with many emeralds strung together can give a person a fancy look.

Whether studs or hang down, emeralds can also make earrings that catch the light and draw attention to the face. Adding a pop of color to an outfit, emeralds are famous in bracelets and brooches.

Emerald jewelry is beautiful because of its bright color and the stone can be used in many different ways. To fit different jewelry designs, it can be cut into different shapes, such as oval, round, or pear.

In general, emeralds have always been and will always be a popular choice in jewelry because of how beautiful and classic they are.

Unproven Emerald Benefits And Additional Uses

Because of their bright green color and historical importance, emeralds are often thought to have spiritual, metaphysical, and healing properties.

Many cultures and traditions have beliefs about the gemstone’s possible benefits, which range from making people lucky to curing illnesses.

There is a big difference between cultural or personal beliefs and scientific facts, even though a lot of people see personal or symbolic value in emeralds.

An Important Note About The Healing and Metaphysical Properties Of Emerald

We are about to discuss some of the claimed metaphysical and healing properties of emerald. It is important to know that there is no scientific evidence or studies that support any of these claims in any way.

All studies and research that have been conducted on the healing and metaphysical properties of emerald and other crystals have shown that study participants report the same perceived benefits whether they are given real or fake emerald.

Any alleged success in healing or other benefits is believed to be either falsely attributed to emerald exposure or a result of the placebo effect. There has not been a single claim of healing or metaphysical powers that has been able to be verified.

Emerald healing properties

A unique raw emerald specimen
Emerald photo provided by portugalgemas

Throughout history, people have thought that emeralds had several healing properties. Some people believe that this green stone can help with mental health.

They think holding or wearing an emerald can make them feel calm and less stressed or anxious. Some people also say that emeralds can improve memory and mental clarity, which can help people think more clearly and make decisions.

There are also beliefs about how to heal the body. Like, some people say that emeralds can help heal eye problems and make your vision better.

It’s important to remember that these healing powers come from old beliefs but haven’t been proven by modern science.

Jade metaphysical properties

A few pieces of polished emerald crystal towers
Emerald photo provided by DesertSageCrystals

In addition to their natural beauty, emeralds have been linked to several spiritual and psychic traits. Many people think these stones can help with spirituality and intuition.

People believe they can open the heart chakra, the energy center for love and kindness. Emeralds are thought to help people form deep emotional bonds and real relationships in this way.

People who wear them are also said to gain wisdom, patience, and understanding. Some people also believe these green stones can help bring about wealth and plenty.

Many people believe in these metaphysical properties, but it’s important to remember that they come from traditional beliefs and haven’t been proven by science.

Emerald crystal benefits

An elegant emerald loose gemstone
Emerald photo provided by BingoGem

People often think of certain crystal benefits when they see emeralds. Many people believe this stone can bring wealth and prosperity into their lives. Some consider it a stone of “successful love” because it helps keep relationships strong.

Some people believe wearing or keeping an emerald close can also improve your memory and intelligence, making your mind sharper.

Another belief is that it can protect you from being lied to. An emerald might help you see through their plans if someone tries to trick you.

Many people value emeralds for these reasons but remember that these beliefs are based on stories and personal experiences, not science.

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