The 57 Proven Options To Find Quartz In Nevada In 2024

By Keith Jackson - Geologist

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The 57 Proven Options To Find Quartz In Nevada In 2024

By Keith Jackson - Geologist


Finding quartz in Nevada is an exciting adventure, and knowing how to find quartz is key to a successful hunt. We’ve been to various places in Nevada where quartz crystals can be found, and it’s always a thrilling experience. 

Mineral County, Petersen Mountain, and Garnet Hill are some of the best spots we’ve discovered for quartz hunting. These areas are known for their rich geological landscapes, making them ideal for finding quartz. 

We’re excited to share our knowledge and tips to help others have a successful quartz hunting experience. Our adventures have taught us the best techniques and spots for finding these beautiful crystals.

What Is Nevada Quartz Anyway?

large pale pink rose quartz crystal
Rose quartz provided by Weinrich Minerals

Quartz is a common mineral that we often see in our field work. It’s important to know how to identify quartz because it comes in many different forms. 

We find quartz in a variety of places, often in igneous rocks like granite. It’s also found in sedimentary rocks, like sandstone, and sometimes in metamorphic rocks. 

In our explorations, we’ve come across quartz in locations ranging from mountainous areas to riverbeds. These environments provide the right conditions for quartz to form and be found. 

The price of quartz can vary greatly. Some quartz, especially rare varieties, can be quite valuable, while common types are more affordable.

The Types Of Quartz Found In Nevada

Nevada is a fantastic place for finding different types of quartz. Here are the different types that you can find in the state:

  • Ametrine
  • Amethyst
  • Citrine
  • Milky Quartz
  • Rock Crystal
  • Rose Quartz
  • Rutilated Quartz
  • Scepter Quartz
  • Smoky Quartz 

For those interested in learning more about crystal mining in Nevada, we have a great resource available. It’s filled with information on where and how to find these beautiful quartz varieties.

How We Found The Best Quartz Locations in Nevada
When it comes to choosing the best options for finding Nevada quartz there are plenty of things we consider. Many of the best locations are closely guarded secrets which can make it really difficult for more casual quartz hunters to find success. The key factors in our recommendations are:

  • The deep experience and understanding of our team about the area
  • Recommendations from local groups and clubs
  • How easy it is to get the a particular location
  • Safety and potential hazards when collecting
  • Weighing private and public locations
  • The ability for both experienced and novice geode enthusiasts to find great samples

With these factors in mind we’ve been able to put together a fantastic list that just about anyone can use!

The Best Places To Find Quartz in Nevada

scepter quartz with a white head and brown stem
Scepter quartz provided by abijouxparis

Finding quartz can be a challenging but rewarding experience. We’ve learned that having the right guidance is crucial for success in this endeavor. 

Through our adventures, we’ve discovered that not all places are equal when it comes to finding quartz. Knowing where to look is just as important as what you’re looking for. 

For those eager to learn more about how to mine gems in Nevada, we have a great resource. It offers tips and insights on the best approaches to gem mining.

Always Confirm Access and Collection Rules!

Before heading out to any of the locations on our list you need to confirm access requirements and collection rules for both public and private locations directly with the location. We haven’t personally verified every location and the access requirements and collection rules often change without notice.

Many of the locations we mention will not allow collecting but are still great places for those who love to find beautiful rocks and minerals in the wild without keeping them. We also can’t guarantee you will find anything in these locations since they are constantly changing. 

Always get updated information directly from the source ahead of time to ensure responsible rockhounding. If you want even more current options it’s always a good idea to contact local rock and mineral clubs and groups

Lyon County

red brick building with trees and a flag pole

Lyon County is known for its diverse terrain, featuring rolling hills and valleys. The landscape is dotted with various rock formations and mineral deposits, making it an interesting spot for rockhounds.

The county’s geology is rich in a variety of minerals, including quartz and other collectible rocks. These minerals are often found in the areas surrounding the hills and dry lake beds.

For rock collectors, the county offers numerous opportunities to explore and discover unique geological specimens. The area is a popular destination for those interested in the natural beauty and variety of rocks and minerals.

If planning to collect rocks in Lyon County, it’s important to check with the Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The BLM provides guidelines and rules to ensure responsible and sustainable rock collecting.

Where we found quartz in Lyon County

We’ve found various types of quartz, such as rock crystal, smoky quartz, rose quartz, and rutilated quartz. These quartz varieties can be discovered in several locations like Quartz Hill and the Singatse Range.

Additionally, the county’s various mining districts have been fruitful areas for uncovering quartz specimens.

Mineral County

Mineral County is known for its diverse landscape, featuring mountains, valleys, and desert areas. This varied terrain makes it a fascinating area for rock and mineral enthusiasts. 

The county is rich in geological features, with numerous mines and natural formations. It’s a prime spot for finding a variety of minerals, including quartz, gold, and silver.

With its combination of high mountains and flat desert plains, the county offers unique opportunities for exploration. The area’s geology provides insights into a range of natural processes and mineral formations.

Where we found quartz in Mineral County

You’ll likely find smoky quartz in this area, specifically in towns like Hawthorne and Luning. The county’s various mines and mining districts are also rich sources of smoky quartz.

Petersen Mountain

rocky slopes of Petersen Mountain
Petersen Mountain by Friends of Nevada Wilderness

Petersen Mountain is characterized by its rugged terrain, with rocky outcrops and steep slopes. This mountain is a popular destination for those interested in geology and rock collecting. 

It’s well-known for its abundance of quartz crystals, which attract collectors from all over. The area also contains a variety of other minerals, adding to its geological diversity. 

The mountain’s unique formations provide a great opportunity for educational and recreational exploration. Its landscape offers a hands-on experience for understanding the natural processes that shape our earth.

Where we found quartz in Petersen Mountain

You can find Nevada quartz in a place known as Hallelujah Junction. This area, along with several mines on the mountain, is where we’ve discovered various types of quartz.

We’ve been lucky to find citrine, smoky quartz, and even scepter quartz. You might also find amethyst and ametrine.

Carson City

bird's eye view of a city with low buildings and trees

Carson City is surrounded by a varied landscape of mountains and valleys. This diverse terrain makes it a place of interest for geology enthusiasts. 

The area is known for its range of rock types and mineral deposits. Among these are silver and gold, which played a big role in the region’s history. 

The nearby mountains and foothills offer a natural laboratory for studying earth sciences. Exploring these areas can provide insights into the geological processes that shaped the region.

Where we found quartz in Carson City

In the mining districts in Carson City, we’ve found various types of quartz, including the captivating smoky quartz.

Garnet Hill

view of Garnet Hill, Nevada, with visible trails

Garnet Hill is famous for its abundant garnet deposits, found within its rocky and rugged terrain. This area is a well-known spot for rockhounds looking for these beautiful red crystals. 

The hill’s landscape consists of exposed outcrops and scattered boulders, ideal for exploration. Its unique geological structure allows garnets to be found relatively easily. 

Visitors to Garnet Hill can enjoy the challenge of searching for garnets among the rocks and dirt. This location provides a hands-on experience for learning about how minerals form and are found in nature.

Where we found quartz in Garnet Hill

While Garnet Hill is famous for its garnet crystals, smoky quartz is another gem we often find on its slopes. These smoky quartz crystals are often tucked away in the rocky areas.

Other Great Places To Find Nevada Quartz

colorless rock crystal cluster
Rock crystal provided by LogosLifeHolistic

We’ve found that there are many places where to mine for quartz. Here are our other recommendations:

Our recommendations by county

County Location
Churchill County Sand Springs Range
Clark County Alunite Mining District
Clark County Eldorado Mountains
Clark County Newberry Mountains
Clark County Searchlight Mining District
Clark County Virgin Mountains
Clark County White Hills
Douglas County Buckskin Range
Douglas County Genoa Mining District
Douglas County Pine Nut Mountains
Douglas County Wellington Hills
Elko County Erickson Canyon
Elko County Ferber Mining District
Elko County Gold Basin Mining District
Elko County Huntington Creek Mining District
Elko County Island Mountain Mining District
Elko County Jackpot
Elko County Kinsley Mining District
Elko County Lafayette Mining District
Elko County Mountain City Mining District
Elko County Tuscarora Mining District
Esmeralda County Coaldale Mining District
Esmeralda County Red Mountain Mining District
Esmeralda County Rock Hill Mining District
Esmeralda County Silver Peak Mining District
Eureka County Buckhorn Mining District
Eureka County Cortez Mining District
Eureka County Safford Mining District
Humboldt County Battle Mountain Mining District
Humboldt County Denio
Humboldt County Montana Mountains
Humboldt County Osgood Mountains
Humboldt County Ten Mile Mining District
Humboldt County Virgin Valley
Lander County Cortez Mining District
Lander County Fish Creek Mountains
Lander County Spencer Hot Springs Mining District
Nye County Lodi Hills
Nye County Toiyabe Range
Nye County Beatty
Pershing County Rochester Mining District
Pershing County Antelope Mining District
Pershing County Gerlach Mining District
Washoe County Chimney Spring tuff
Washoe County Dogskin Mountain Mining District
Washoe County Fort Sage Mountains
Washoe County Incline Village
Washoe County Pah Rah Range
Washoe County Peavine Mining District
Washoe County Pyramid Mining District
Washoe County Steamboat Springs Mining District
White Pine County Wheeler Peak

Common Quartz-Hunting Questions

dark yellow-brown rough citrine crystal
Citrine provided by Fossilera

When we talk about hunting for quartz in Nevada, lots of folks have questions about how to get started and what to expect. We’ll share what we know to help you make sure that you have the information that you need.

Is it illegal to collect quartz in Nevada?

In Nevada, collecting quartz can be legal or illegal, depending on where you are and what you’re doing.

On public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), you are generally allowed to collect small amounts of quartz for personal use. 

However, there are strict rules against taking quartz from national parks, state parks, and Native American lands. It’s illegal to remove any natural materials, including quartz, from these protected areas. 

If you plan to collect large quantities of quartz or sell it, you need a permit. Commercial collecting without a permit is definitely against the law. 

Always check local laws and land ownership before you start collecting. It’s important to respect private property and understand the specific regulations of the area.

The Best Places To Buy Quartz In Nevada

shelves displaying rocks and minerals
Earthe Energe

We’ve explored Nevada and found some great shops for buying quartz. These shops are our favorites:

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