The Value Of Topaz In 2024 By Color (Affordable Luxury!)

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD

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The Value Of Topaz In 2024 By Color (Affordable Luxury!)

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD


Ever held a shiny piece of topaz in your hand and thought, “Wow! Why is this so special?” Well, buckle up as we dive into Topaz’s value and what makes it luxurious.

For starters, topaz is a well-loved gemstone that’s been cherished for centuries. It comes in a rainbow of colors, each with its own special vibe that makes it a favorite for jewelry like rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Apart from its beauty, many cultures believe that topaz has magical properties. Some think it can bring love and good luck, while others feel it’s a shield against harm.

In a nutshell, topaz is valued not just because it’s sparkly and pretty, but also because of its history and the special meanings we attach to it. Now, let’s go into the details of how much topaz is worth.

What Topaz Is

Topaz is often recognized for its dazzling array of colors. But did you know that most of it starts off colorless? That’s right! Many of the vibrant shades we see are due to small impurities or treatments.

Dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover that people throughout history have been fascinated with topaz. Ancient civilizations believed it had special powers.

For instance, the Greeks felt that it could increase one’s strength, while the Egyptians believed it protected them from harm.

If you’re wondering where this gemstone comes from, it’s found in various parts of the world, including Brazil, Nigeria, and even in the U.S., specifically in Texas and Colorado.

Since topaz’s price is mainly based on its color, let’s get to know the different hues this gem comes in:

Imperial Topaz (Reddish-Orange)

A pair of gold dangling earrings with beautiful bi-colored Imperial topaz
Imperial topaz earrings photo provided by and available for purchase at KikiJewelerBoutique

Imperial topaz is the crown jewel of the topaz family! It sparkles with a mesmerizing reddish-orange glow, reminiscent of a sunset. This sets Imperial topaz apart and makes it the most sought-after and valuable type of topaz.

What’s so special about this reddish-orange color? First, it’s rare. Unlike the more common blue or clear topazes you might see, this unique hue is harder to come by.

When you combine that rarity with the gem’s brilliant sparkle and clarity, you’ve got a real gemstone superstar!

The name “Imperial” gives a hint about its regal status. It’s said this name originated in Russia during the 19th century when the Ural Mountains were a significant source. Only the Russian Czar and his family could own this precious stone, making it even more exclusive!

The primary source for the finest Imperial topaz is Brazil. Specifically, the state of Minas Gerais is the hot spot for these stunning stones.

How much is Imperial topaz worth

As the most valuable type of topaz, Imperial topaz can command a price of $100 to a hefty $1,800 per carat, depending on its quality.

Rose Topaz (Pink)

A stunning pink topaz set as a pendant to a silver necklace
Pink topaz pendant photo provided by Moira Fine Jewellery

Rose topaz is like the blush of dawn on a crisp morning. It shines with a delicate pink hue, like the soft pink of a rose petal or the first light of day.

The color pink in gemstones isn’t as common as you might think. When you find a stone like rose topaz that showcases this color so beautifully, it becomes an instant favorite. Its hue evokes feelings of love, warmth, and comfort.

While topaz itself is found in many parts of the world, the pink variety, often achieved through heat treatment or irradiation of clear topaz, is primarily sourced from countries like Brazil, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

How much is rose topaz worth

Like Imperial topaz, rose topaz is also considered valuable and is priced at $100 to $700 per carat.

Mystic Topaz

A gold ring adorned with three beautiful mystic topaz
Mystic topaz ring photo provided by Forever Mine – Vintage jewelry

Mystic topaz is like a dance of colors in a single stone. When you first lay eyes on it, you’re treated to a brilliant display of rainbow hues. Truly magical!

But here’s a secret: this isn’t the natural look of the stone.

Mystic topaz is actually a clear topaz that has been treated with a super thin layer of titanium or a similar metal. This coating makes it reflect light in a dazzling array of colors, from blues and greens to purples and yellows.

Its unique appearance is the top reason why people value mystic topaz. Its ever-changing colors make it versatile for jewelry. It’s like wearing a new gem every time you move!

How much is mystic topaz worth

A mystic topaz’s price can range from $10 to $600 per carat.

Yellow Topaz

A sparkling round yellow topaz set as center stone in a golden ring
Yellow topaz ring photo provided by Gemque ✨ Gemstones | Silver & Brass Jewelry

Yellow topaz is a radiant gemstone that gleams with warm hues that remind many of autumn leaves or the rich colors of a sunset.

What makes it special is that its eye-catching color is 100% natural. Its vibrant color symbolizes warmth, joy, and positivity, making it a favorite choice for jewelry that brightens up any outfit.

This sunlit gem is primarily sourced from Brazil. Other locations like Nigeria and Russia also offer this gem, but Brazil remains a top source of high-quality stones.

How much is yellow topaz worth

A yellow topaz’ price ranges from $8 to $150 per carat since it’s not as rare and uncommon as it other more valuable counterparts.

Sherry Topaz (Yellowish-Brown)

A gold ring with a sherry topaz set as center stone held by a jewelry plier
Sherry topaz ring photo provided by Precious Stones Jewellers Bris

With its lovely yellowish-brown hue, sherry topaz is reminiscent of sweet sherry wine. It’s like a drop of golden honey trapped for eternity in a stone!

If you’ve ever held one, you’ll agree that its color is a standout. While many are familiar with blue or clear topaz, the yellowish-brown shade of sherry topaz is rarer and has a certain warmth and depth to it.

This makes it highly prized among gem enthusiasts and collectors. It’s like having a tiny piece of golden sunlight that you can wear or display.

And like the other colors of topaz, this kind can be found primarily in Brazil. But it also naturally occurs in Nigeria, Pakistan, and even Russia.

How much is sherry topaz worth

The price range for a carat of sherry topaz goes from $6 to $60, depending on its overall quality.

Blue Topaz (Swiss, London, and Sky Blue)

A set of dangling earrings with vibrant blue topaz
Blue topaz earrings photo provided by FERRO Estate & Custom Jewelers

Blue topaz captures the beauty and essence of the sky and sea! When you glance at it, you’re reminded of the serenity and vastness of the blue yonder. What’s truly captivating about this stone is the range of blue tones it showcases.

Not all blue topazes are the same. In fact, there are three famous shades of this gem. First up, Swiss blue topaz! It’s bright and lively, with a vibrant color that’s a feast for the eyes.

Then, there’s the London Blue Topaz. This is the deeper, more intense kind. Its dark, teal-like shade evokes the depth of the ocean.

Last is the Sky Blue Topaz. True to its name, it mirrors the gentle hues of a peaceful sky. It’s a bit softer and subtler than the other two.

Interestingly, while blue topaz is loved worldwide, it’s often not naturally blue! Many of these gems undergo special treatments to achieve their stunning shades.

How much is blue topaz worth

Across all kinds of blue topaz, its price is usually set at $6 to $50 per carat.

White Topaz (Colorless)

A gold ring encrusted with sparkling white topaz
White topaz ring photo provided by Inglis Jewellers

At first glance, a white topaz might seem plain, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Being clear and colorless, this gemstone offers a pure and simple beauty that many find enchanting.

And because it’s white, its clarity is a big draw. Think of it as a blank canvas— it can fit into almost any jewelry setting without overshadowing other stones. This makes it super versatile!

When cut and polished, white topaz sparkles brilliantly. And because it’s so clear, skilled jewelers can shape it into a variety of cuts, from classic rounds to more intricate designs.

How much is white topaz worth

Compared to other colorless gemstones like diamonds, white topaz is much more affordable at the price of $5 to $30 per carat.

Why Topaz Is So Expensive

Vibrant blue pieces of topaz in a gold necklace
Topaz necklace photo provided by L E S U N J A

Many people, from jewelry enthusiasts to ancient royalty, have been smitten by topaz. And there are good reasons why.

First off, let’s talk colors. If topaz were a box of crayons, it’d be the giant pack with every shade you could dream of! From the serene blues to yellows and even as clear as water, there’s a topaz for every mood.

For those who love a little drama, there’s the fiery red-orange of the Imperial topaz or the dance of rainbow colors in a mystic topaz. With such variety, it’s like having a wardrobe of gemstones in just one type!

But it’s not just about looks. Topaz is also pretty tough. On the Mohs scale, it ranks an impressive 8 out of 10. This means your topaz jewelry can handle everyday wear like a champ, without getting all scratched up. Talk about beauty with brawn!

Ancient civilizations didn’t just wear topaz because it was pretty. Some thought it could ward off evil spirits, while others were convinced it could make you super smart.

Lastly, in our modern age, this gem offers all this beauty and history without breaking the bank. Compared to some other gemstones, topaz gives that sparkle and elegance at a friendlier price.

How To Determine The Value Of Topaz

Sky blue topaz adorning gold and silver rings
Topaz ring photo provided by Sarah | The Secret Compartment

When it comes to understanding how much topaz is worth, it pays to know the different factors that affect its price in the market, such as:


As we’ve discussed above, the different colors of topaz are not priced equally. The evenness of the color and its intensity can also further influence the stone’s value, with vibrant, uniformly colored stones being more sought after.


The clearer a topaz is, the more it’s cherished. Stones with few or no inclusions are considered top-grade.

A flawless topaz reflects light brilliantly and looks more appealing, thus fetching a higher price.


Certain types of topaz are simply rarer than others. Imperial topaz, especially those with rich hues, is a prime example. Rarity breeds demand: when something is hard to come by, it’s often more coveted and commands a higher market price.


Topaz often undergoes treatments to enhance its appearance. Common treatments like irradiation and heat can turn colorless topaz into vibrant blue. While these treated stones can be gorgeous, they typically cost less than the natural ones.

The type and extent of treatment, along with its disclosure, play a crucial role in determining the stone’s market value.

Carat Weight

Size does matter in the gemstone world. Generally, the more a topaz weighs, the more it’s worth, especially if it retains excellent clarity and color at a larger size.

Rare, large gemstones with top qualities can see exponential increases in price per carat.


The way a topaz is cut can make or break its beauty. A skillful cut showcases the stone’s color, clarity, and sparkle.

Precision is key: a well-proportioned and symmetrically cut topaz will shine brightly, attracting more admiration (and a higher price). On the other hand, a poor cut can diminish the stone’s overall appeal and value.


The location where the topaz is mined can influence its price. For instance, Imperial topaz from the historic Ouro Preto mines in Brazil might fetch a higher price due to its famed origin.

Topaz Price By Color

Topaz is an amazing gem with different colors that sell at different prices, too. To give you a clearer idea of how much a carat of each of its colors costs, refer to the table below.

Topaz values by color

Imperial Topaz$100 – $1,800 per carat
Rosy Topaz$100 – $700 per carat
Mystic Topaz$10 – $600 per carat
Yellow Topaz$8 – $150 per carat
Sherry Topaz$7 – $60 per carat
Blue Topaz$6 – $50 per carat
White Topaz$5 – $30 per carat

Like we said, topaz is truly an affordable luxury!

If you’re curious to know how much this beautiful gem costs in different units of measurement, we’ve indulged you in the table below.

Topaz pricing by unit of measurement

A carat of Topaz$5 – $1,800
A gram of Topaz$25 – $9,000
An ounce of Topaz$709 – $255,146
A kilogram of Topaz$25,000 – $9,000,000
A pound of Topaz$11,340 – $4,082,328
A ton of Topaz$22,679,625 – $8,164,665,000

How To Get An Appraisal On Your Topaz

Blue topaz adorning a gold ring
Topaz ring photo provided by Emin HOŞGÖR

Getting an accurate appraisal for a piece of topaz is essential, whether you’re insuring a family heirloom, planning to sell, or simply curious about its value.

The most reliable way to get a precise appraisal is by consulting a professional gemstone appraiser. They have undergone rigorous training and are usually certified by recognized institutions. Start by searching for appraisal societies, such as the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society.

Many jewelry stores also offer appraisal services. These might be suitable for those looking for a quick, general estimate of their topaz’s value.

With the digital age upon us, there are now online platforms and services that offer gemstone appraisals. You’ll typically need to provide detailed photographs, a precise description, and any known history or provenance of the gemstone.

Lastly, renowned auction houses, especially those that regularly deal with fine jewelry and gemstones, often have experts as staff who can provide appraisals. If you’re considering selling a particularly valuable piece of topaz, this might be a good avenue to explore.

Whichever way you choose to get an appraisal, ensure that the person or service you consult with is reputable, experienced, and, if possible, certified in gemstone evaluation.

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