The Value Of Aventurine In 2024 By Color (It Won’t Cost A Fortune!)

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD

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The Value Of Aventurine In 2024 By Color (It Won’t Cost A Fortune!)

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD


While it isn’t always in the spotlight, aventurine is an incredible gem. This little green wonder holds its own in the realm of precious stones, and today, we’ll uncover why it carries such value, price, and worth.

Unlike the fiery birth of other stones, aventurine comes to life more serenely. It forms due to the cooling of molten minerals, creating a captivating display of shimmering specks that dance within its translucent green surface. This unique feature, aventurescence, sets aventurine apart and makes it highly valued among gemstone enthusiasts.

But there’s more to an aventurine’s worth than its captivating appearance. It possesses healing properties and is associated with luck and prosperity. Many cultures have treasured the aventurine as a talisman, bringing good fortune and harmony to those who wear it.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of this mesmerizing gemstone, join us as we explore the value, price, and worth of aventurine. We’ll delve into its enchanting qualities, its place in ancient lore, and why it continues to be a cherished gem that sparks joy and fascination.

What Aventurine Is

Aventurine is a semi-precious gemstone known for its vibrant green color and sparkling appearance. It belongs to the quartz family and is characterized by shimmering mineral inclusions, giving it a unique and captivating charm. It’s often used in jewelry and decorative pieces, appreciated for its beauty, and believed to possess positive energies.

In crystal collectors, aventurine stands out as a powerful energy crystal. It promotes emotional healing, enhances creativity, and attracts abundance. Whether seeking balance in your life or looking to infuse your surroundings with positive energy, aventurine has your back.

Green Aventurine

A pair of simple but gorgeous green aventurine earrings

Photo provided by and available for purchase at SubtleGem

Green Aventurine is a variety of aventurine, a quartz-based gemstone, distinguished by its green coloration. It derives its green hue from microscopic mineral inclusions, such as fuchsite or green mica. These inclusions contain chromium or other minerals that give the stone green shades.

The intensity of the green color can vary, ranging from pale and translucent to deep and vibrant, adding to the gem’s natural beauty and appeal. Green Aventurine is highly valued for its soothing and harmonizing properties, making it a popular choice in jewelry and crystal healing practices.

How much is Green Aventurine worth

If you want to buy this gemstone, you’re in luck because a green aventurine typically costs from $3 to $30 per carat.

Blue Aventurine

A dazzling blue aventurine necklace with two pendants and diamond crystals around them

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Blue aventurine is a variation of aventurine that displays a captivating blue color. The blue hue in aventurine is achieved by including minerals such as dumortierite or crocidolite. These minerals infuse the quartz crystal with tiny blue fibers or particles, creating distinctive blue coloration.

The intensity of the blue can vary, ranging from pale and sky-like to deep and rich shades. Blue aventurine is prized for its calming and soothing properties, making it a sought-after gemstone for aesthetic and metaphysical purposes.

How much is Blue Aventurine worth

If you wish to purchase this gemstone, you are very fortunate because blue aventurine costs typically between $3 and $30 per carat.

Gray Aventurine

A number of gray aventurine crystals made into a beautiful bracelet

Gray aventurine is a variation of aventurine gemstone with a calm and subtle gray color. The gray hue in aventurine is typically a result of mineral inclusions such as muscovite or hematite. These inclusions lend a grayish tone to the quartz crystal, creating the characteristic gray aventurine.

The shade of gray can vary from light and silvery to deeper and smoky tones. Gray aventurine is appreciated for its calming and grounding properties, making it a popular choice for jewelry and crystal healing practices.

How much is Gray Aventurine worth

A gray aventurine typically ranges from $3 to $30 per carat.

Purple Aventurine

A beautiful raw purple aventurine crystal made into a necklace

An aventurine gemstone variation known as purple aventurine displays an alluring purple hue. Aventurine generally contains minerals like lepidolite or manganese, which give it its purple color. These mineral inclusions give the quartz crystal purple undertones that range from delicate lavender to intense violet.

The precise color of purple depends on the particular mineral composition. Purple aventurine is prized as a gemstone fr both aesthetic and metaphysical purposes because of its calming and spiritual qualities.

How much is Purple Aventurine worth

A Purple Aventurine’s value is currently at $3 to $30 per carat, which is typical for an aventurine gemstone.

Red Aventurine

A mesmerizing red aventurine ring with beautiful patterns and is sitting on top of a rock

A reddish-orange hue can be seen in the red aventurine gemstone variety. Aventurine generally has mineral inclusions like hematite or goethite that give it its red color. These inclusions infuse Iron oxide into the quartz crystal, giving the crystal bright red tones.

The tones of red can range in intensity from dark, rich crimson to paler, more subdued hues. Red aventurine is coveted as a gemstone for a variety of uses because of its stimulating and invigorating qualities.

How much is Red Aventurine worth

Currently, the value of a red aventurine ranges from $3 to $30 per carat, which is the average cost of an aventurine gemstone.

Yellow Aventurine

A brilliant yellow aventurine pendant necklace with a gold chain

Yellow aventurine is a variation of aventurine gemstone that showcases a warm and sunny yellow color. The yellow hue in aventurine is typically achieved by including minerals like pyrite or goethite. These mineral inclusions impart the quartz crystal with yellow tones, ranging from pale and buttery to vibrant and golden shades.

These inclusions’ specific composition and distribution determine the exact shade of yellow. Yellow aventurine is cherished for its uplifting and energizing properties, making it a popular choice for jewelry and metaphysical applications.

How much is Yellow Aventurine worth

The average price of a Yellow Aventurine falls between $3 and $30 per carat.

Why Aventurine Is So Expensive

Green aventurine pendants on a golden rings

With its enchanting beauty and unique qualities, Aventurine has earned a well-deserved place of value and admiration among gemstone enthusiasts. Several factors contribute to its high regard and desirability in various contexts.

One of the primary reasons aventurine is valued is its striking appearance. With its vibrant and captivating colors, aventurine catches the eye and sparks intrigue.

The shimmering effect caused by mineral inclusions, such as mica or hematite, adds depth and a touch of magic to the gemstone. Whether it’s the lush greens, serene blues, or warm yellows, aventurine’s color palette holds a mesmerizing allure that is hard to resist.

Moreover, aventurine’s durability and versatility enhance its value. As a quartz type, aventurine ranks high on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it durable and suitable for jewelry-making. Its vibrant colors and distinctive patterns make it an attractive choice for jewelry designs, from statement pieces to delicate accents.

Whether treasured for its aesthetic appeal, sought after for its energy-enhancing qualities, or admired for its versatility in jewelry-making, aventurine holds a special place in the hearts of gemstone enthusiasts worldwide.

Aventurine is often mistaken for other kinds of rocks and minerals, so if you have the same dilemma, check out our guides to distinguish it:

How To Determine The Value Of Aventurine

A pair of delicate and beautifully designed aventurine earrings with gold plates

There are several various aspects to take into account while estimating the value of aventurine, including the following:

Quality of Color

The color of aventurine plays a significant role in determining its price. Intense, vibrant, and consistent colors are highly desirable and command higher prices. For example, a deep and rich green aventurine or a vivid and saturated blue aventurine will typically be valued more than lighter or less intense shades.

Clarity and Inclusions

Aventurine with minimal inclusions and good clarity is considered more valuable. The presence of visible flaws, such as visible fractures or cloudiness, can decrease the value. However, certain types of inclusions, like shimmering mineral particles that create aventurescence, can enhance the gem’s charm and value.

Size and Carat Weight

The size and carat weight of the aventurine gemstone directly influences its price. Generally, larger and heavier stones are rarer and thus command higher prices compared to smaller ones.

Cut and Shape

The cut and shape of the aventurine gemstone also affect its price. Well-cut and symmetrical stones that maximize their natural color and brilliance are valued more than poorly cut or irregularly shaped ones.


The rarity of specific varieties of aventurine can impact their price. For example, specific colors or types of aventurine may be less commonly found in nature, making them more sought after and expensive.

Market Demand

The overall demand for aventurine in the market also plays a role in determining its price. Trends, fashion preferences, and cultural factors can influence the demand for specific colors or aventurine varieties, affecting market value.

Aventurine Price By Color

A beautifully made aventurine ring with pretty patterns and gold and silver details

As we already mentioned, many variables can affect an aventurine’s value. Yet, color is what influences all of these the most. The price of an aventurine might vary depending on its hue, even though most of this gemstone is green.

Aventurine of high quality typically costs between $3 and $30 per carat. Nonetheless, higher-than-average prices could be demanded for rarer specimens.

Aventurine pricing by unit of measurement

The price and worth of various aventurines vary greatly. Let’s calculate how much other aventurine units would cost.

A carat of aventurine$3 to $30
A gram of aventurine$15 to $150
An ounce of aventurine$425.24 to $4,252.43
A kilogram of aventurine$15,000 to $150,000
A pound of aventurine$6,803.88 to $68,038.80
A ton of aventurine$13,607,775 to $136,077,750

How To Get An Appraisal On Your Aventurine

An aventurine cabochon being appraised for its value

A few considerations exist when having your aventurine appraised to achieve an accurate and reasonable valuation.

It’s crucial to collaborate with a trustworthy appraiser who is knowledgeable and skilled in valuing diamonds. Consider using appraisers who have earned certifications from recognized institutions like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or AGS (American Gem Society).

Make sure to tell the appraiser as much as you can about your aventurine. This also includes information that is difficult to see with the human eye, such as the history of the aventurine and any treatments or improvements that may have been made to it.

The appraiser will carefully inspect your aventurine specimen and make assessments based on its size, color, clarity, and cut. They might also use specialized tools, such as a loupe or microscope, to examine the features of the stone.

Following the examination, the appraiser will give you a report outlining the main traits of your aventurine, its estimated worth, and any pertinent details regarding the gemstone.

Be ready to spend money on a good appraisal. Despite the abundance of internet services that offer appraisals, these may not deliver precise or thorough estimates. Although a professional appraisal from a qualified appraiser may be more expensive, it will provide you with a more accurate valuation that you can use when selling the gemstone or for insurance purposes.

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