The Value Of Amazonite In 2024 By Type (It’s not too pricey!)

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD

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The Value Of Amazonite In 2024 By Type (It’s not too pricey!)

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD


Shrouded in an enigmatic hue of captivating green, Amazonite has become the gemstone du jour, bewitching jewelry enthusiasts and crystal connoisseurs. Reminiscent of the lush rainforests with its captivating beauty, it has taken the world by storm.

Fondly dubbed the “Stone of Courage and Truth,” Amazonite has established itself as a gemstone with undeniable charisma. Legends claim that it derives its name from the mythical Amazonian warrior women, who are said to have treasured the stone for its empowering energy. Amazing, right?

But this gem’s appeal goes far beyond its aesthetics. Renowned for its metaphysical properties, it’s also highly valued in the world of alternative healing and spiritual practices. Almost as if you have a personal life coach on a pendant!

Now, you might be wondering, what’s the price tag on this captivating stone? Read on as we delve into the mesmerizing world of Amazonite to explore its allure and unravel the secrets behind its enchanting reputation.

What Amazonite Is

Picture yourself strolling through a mystical gemstone forest, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors. Suddenly, you stumble upon a sparkling treasure, and behold! It’s Amazonite, the gemstone equivalent of a happy-go-lucky forest nymph.

This wonder isn’t just a pretty face; it’s also highly valued for its metaphysical properties. Many believe that it enhances communication, empowers you to speak your truth, and boosts your confidence to face any challenge. But hold on to your hats, because although Amazonite has serious value, it doesn’t demand a king’s ransom.

That’s right! This gem is a dash of affordable luxury that won’t leave your wallet sobbing in despair. So the next time you’re looking for a gemstone that’s as vibrant as a tropical getaway and as affordable as a happy hour cocktail, Amazonite is the one for you!

Amazonite Feldspar

Amazonite Feldspar pendant photo provided by and available for purchase at linasjewels

Amazonite Feldspar is a captivating gemstone of exquisite beauty. Formed through the intricate interplay of nature’s forces, this remarkable mineral traces its origins to the depths of the Earth’s crust. As magma cooled and crystallized over eons, the feldspar within absorbed traces of elements like lead and water, resulting in the mesmerizing green hues that define this rock.

Beyond its geological significance, Amazonite carries historical and cultural significance as well. Revered by ancient civilizations, it has been celebrated for its purported healing properties and its ability to inspire harmony and truth.

How much is Amazonite Feldspar worth

Amazonite Feldspar’s price won’t exactly break your bank. In fact, it only costs around $0.05 to $10 per carat, which is pretty affordable for the beauty and allure it serves.

Amazonite Granite

The geological marvel known as Amazonite Granite intertwines the beauty of Feldspar and Quartz in a majestic dance of colors.

Born deep within the Earth’s crust, Amazonite Granite forms through a process of intense heat and pressure over millions of years. As molten magma rises and cools, Amazonite Feldspar crystals and Quartz unite, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of vibrant greens and shimmering whites.

The true value of Amazonite Granite lies in its distinctive combination of minerals, showcasing a striking interplay of hues that lends an air of elegance to any environment. It’s highly sought after in interior design and architecture, bringing a touch of sophistication to countertops, tiles, and other statement pieces.

How much is Amazonite Granite worth

Because of its beauty and functionality, Amazonite Granite costs from $175 to $350 per square feet, which, to be honest, is such a steal for that luxurious look!

Amazonite Palm Stone

A stunning blue green Amazonite Palm Stone set as center stone in a ring

Amazonite Palm Stone is a polished marvel that fits snugly in the palm of your hand. Born from the depths of the Earth, Amazonite is meticulously carved and polished to create these palm-sized treasures, unveiling their innate beauty and bringing out the enchanting shades of green that define them.

The true value of an Amazonite Palm Stone lies in its ability to connect us with nature’s calming energy. Holding this smooth gem in your hand serves as a tactile reminder of the Earth’s wisdom and serenity. It’s said to promote harmony and diffuse tension, enhance communication, and inspire courage.

How much is Amazonite Palm Stone worth

Because they’ve undergone carving and polishing, Amazonite Palm Stones are worth a little bit more than Amazonite Feldspar at $0.50 to $13 per carat.

Flower Amazonite

A beautiful multiple strands of bracelet made with Flower Amazonite of different hues of green and light blue

Flower Amazonite weaves together nature’s elegance and geological wonder. Deep within the Earth’s depths, as mineral-rich solutions seep through the cracks of ancient rocks, they gradually crystallize, giving birth to patterns of green, light blue, pale brown, orange, and even black that resemble flowers within the matrix.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, Flower Amazonite carries a sense of harmony and connection. It symbolizes the intricate interplay between Earth and flora, evoking a profound appreciation for the natural world. Its scarcity further enhances its value, making it a prized gemstone sought after by both collectors and connoisseurs.

How much is Flower Amazonite worth

Since Flower Amazonite is a bit rare, it’s currently priced at $3 to $15 per carat.

Pink Amazonite

A pair of beautiful gold earrings with Pink Amazonite

Grace and serenity— such as the vibes exuded by Pink Amazonite. Its delicate beauty, which comes in hues ranging from blush to soft rose, is owed to the presence of trace elements like aluminum and potassium during its formation deep within the Earth’s crust.

Pink Amazonite is as rare as it is beautiful. Its gentle pink tones symbolize tenderness and harmony, acting as a soothing balm for the soul. This gemstone is a beacon of inner peace, guiding its wearers towards self-acceptance and nurturing their emotional well-being.

How much is Pink Amazonite worth

Because of its relative rarity compared to other variations, Pink Amazonite’s value is at $5 to $30 per carat.

Why Amazonite Is So Expensive

Three pieces of bluish green Amazonite pendants set on gold lace

In this section, we’re spilling the sparkling secrets of why Amazonite is the gemstone that sends collectors and crystal enthusiasts into a frenzy! One of the key reasons it holds a high value is its rarity. Its formation requires specific geological conditions, such as the presence of alkaline pegmatites and hydrothermal processes.

Beyond its rarity, Amazonite’s beauty is because of its captivating color range, which spans from soothing pastel greens to deeper shades of teal— and even pink. With this comes its versatility. It can be fashioned into various jewelry pieces, such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets, allowing you to carry its energy and beauty.

Lastly, Amazonite holds a historical and cultural significance. Throughout ancient civilizations and even today, it’s revered for its metaphysical properties. It’s believed to promote courage, enhance communication, and foster harmony within relationships.

May it be appreciated for its rarity, aesthetic qualities, or perceived metaphysical properties, Amazonite stands as a gemstone of timeless allure and enduring value.

It’s fairly common for amazonite to be confused with other rocks and minerals. If you’re not 100% sure that what you have is amazonite, check out our guides below:

How To Determine The Value Of Amazonite

A stunning piece of bracelet made with light bluish green Amazonite beads

There are different factors that come into play when determining the value and price of Amazonite. Most influential of these factors are the following:


As we’ve discussed above, the different types of this gemstone, namely Amazonite Feldspar, Amazonite Granite, Amazonite Palm Stone, Flower Amazonite, and Pink Amazonite, each come with a different price tag.

Cut and Shape

The quality of the cut and the shape of the Amazonite also affect its price. Well-cut specimen that exhibit excellent symmetry and proportions are more desirable and, therefore, more valuable.


Certain regions, such as Colorado in the United States, are renowned for producing high-quality Amazonite, which can command premium prices due to its rarity and unique characteristics.

Carat and Size

The size of an Amazonite is a crucial factor in determining its price. Larger pieces are rarer and, therefore, tend to have a higher value.

The weight of the specimen, typically measured in carats, also directly impacts its price with that of higher weight costing more.


Specimens with intense and vibrant shades of green are highly sought after and thus command higher prices. The presence of other colors or color variations within the stone can also affect its value, like the way Flower Amazonite and Pink Amazonite are worth a bit more than the usual green sample.

Carving and Craftsmanship

Carvings of Amazonite that exhibit intricate designs, delicate features, or complex patterns require a high level of skill and craftsmanship, which can increase their value.

Similarly, well-proportioned carvings of this gem with smooth lines, balanced symmetry, and high-quality finish are highly regarded and priced higher. Attention to detail and precise execution showcase the skill and expertise of the carver.

Market Demand

Factors such as trends, fashion preferences, and collector demand can significantly impact the value of these gemstones.

Amazonite Price By Type

The various types have the most significant impact on an Amazonite’s price as each type possesses unique characteristics and qualities. The type of this gem influences factors such as color, rarity, and desirability. These factors, in turn, influence the market demand and perceived value of the gemstone, ultimately affecting its price.

To give you an idea of Amazonite’s value based on its type, below is its price points:

Amazonite values by type

Amazonite Feldspar$0.05 to $10 per carat
Amazonite Granite$175 to $350 per square feet
Amazonite Palm Stone$0.50 to $13 per carat
Flower Amazonite$3 to $15 per carat
Pink Amazonite$5 to $30 per carat

Despite its astounding beauty, Amazonite is surprisingly not too pricey! To add a little twist to our discussion, let’s see how much it will cost you to acquire these gemstones in different measurements.

Amazonite pricing by unit of measurement

A carat of Amazonite$0.05 to $30
A gram of Amazonite$0.25 to $120
An ounce of Amazonite$7 to $4,252
A kilogram of Amazonite$250 to $150,000
A pound of Amazonite$113 to $68,039
A ton of Amazonite$226,796 to $136,077,750

How To Get An Appraisal On Your Amazonite

A gold ring with a round, bright bluish-green Amazonite set at center stone

If you intend to get an appraisal on your Amazonite. there are several ways you may do so.

Firstly, you may consult with a gem appraiser certified by reputable organizations, such as the Gemological Institute of America. These professionals have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment necessary to assess the quality, characteristics, and value of Amazonite to give you a fair appraisal.

Established and reputable gemstone dealers also often offer appraisal services. They have in-depth knowledge of gemstone valuation and can provide an estimate based on their expertise and experience. While their appraisals may not be as formal as those from certified appraisers, they offer valuable insights on your piece’s value.

If you have more time and want to get more ideas as to the value of your Amazonite, you can also use the services of independent gemstone laboratories. They use advanced techniques to analyze and assess gemstones, so while this option may involve additional costs, it offers a scientific and unbiased evaluation.

Lastly, you can visit various online platforms and websites that offer gemstone appraisal services. They often have a network of qualified gemologists who can assess your Amazonite based on the information and images you provide.

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