The 14 Best Places to Find Selenite in the US

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD

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The 14 Best Places to Find Selenite in the US

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD


Across the US, there are some really cool places where selenite crystals can be found. These areas range from dry deserts to salt plains, each offering a different experience for those interested in these crystals.

Selenite comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each spot has its own type of crystals. From clear, needle-like forms to large, transparent sheets, the variety is amazing and worth exploring.

Great Selenite-Hunting Areas

Each area where selenite can be found has its own kind of crystals. Find out about where these selenite crystals can be found and what makes each place different.

Great Salt Plains, Oklahoma

vast salt plain

The Great Salt Plains is a wide, flat area that looks like a giant, white, salty desert. It stretches far and wide, covered with a layer of salt that sparkles under the sun.

Visitors to the Great Salt Plains can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities like bird watching, fishing, and hiking. People also love taking pictures of the beautiful landscape and the wildlife that lives there.

The Great Salt Plains is known for its hourglass selenite crystals, which are translucent and have a neat hourglass shape inside them. You can find them in the Selenite Crystal Digging Area, where they form just under the surface.

Karnes County, Texas

large white government building
Photo by Larry D. Moore

Karnes County is filled with wide-open spaces and fields that stretch out under the big, blue sky. It’s a quiet place where you can see farms and small towns dotting the landscape.

There’s plenty to do outdoors, like hiking, bird watching, and enjoying picnics with family. It’s a peaceful spot for people who love nature and want to spend time outside, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The selenite crystals in this area can be clear and colorless or shaped like a ram’s horn. These crystals can be found in the various mines around the county.

Clackamas River, Oregon

winding river with trees along the banks

The Clackamas River in Oregon flows through forests and past rocky banks, creating beautiful scenes of nature. It’s a clear, fast-moving river surrounded by green trees and plants.

People come to the Clackamas River for fun activities like fishing, kayaking, and rafting. It’s also a great place for picnics and hiking along the trails by the river, where you can enjoy the peaceful sounds of flowing water and wildlife.

Around the Clackamas River, especially in the Big Cliff area along the north bank, you can find clear and colorless selenite crystals. Selenite here often forms in a spray of crystals within basalt pockets.

Makapuu, Hawaii

sandy beach and cliffs

Makapuu is known for its stunning coastline and the bright blue ocean that stretches out to the horizon. It’s a place where you can see lush green mountains on one side and the vast ocean on the other.

You can enjoy lots of outdoor activities like hiking up to the lighthouse for an amazing view, swimming in the clear blue waters, and even spotting whales during the right season. It’s also a popular spot for surfing and bodyboarding, thanks to the great waves.

The selenite crystals you can find in Makapuu are really interesting because they appear in bladed forms that can be small or large and are often twinned or clustered together. These crystals are usually found in the black clay soil of the area.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico

bridge across a pond

Santa Rosa is a scenic place with its wide-open skies and the famous Blue Hole that draws visitors from all around. The town is surrounded by natural beauty, including deserts and unique rock formations.

There are lots of fun things to do like swimming in the Blue Hole, a deep, crystal-clear natural spring. People also enjoy hiking, exploring the local history, and checking out the classic Route 66 attractions.

The selenite crystals found in Santa Rosa are really neat because they’re translucent and can form shapes that look like roses. These beautiful crystals can be discovered in various places around the area.

Republic, Washington

aerial view of a valley town
Photo by Kinross

Republic is a place with lots of trees and beautiful landscapes. It’s a small town surrounded by nature, where you can see mountains in the distance and forests all around.

You can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, fishing in the lakes, and visiting the local fossil sites. It’s a great spot for anyone who loves to be outside, exploring the wilderness and enjoying the fresh air.

The selenite crystals in Republic are quite impressive because they form in large masses. You can typically find these crystals in the mines around the area.

Ray, Arizona

Teacup Mountain with mines at the foot of the mountain
Photo by Ann Leonard / Pinal County Library District

Ray is a ghost town nestled in a rugged landscape, filled with desert views and wide-open spaces. It’s an area with a rich mining history, showing off the beauty of the Arizona desert.

In Ray, you can explore the outdoors, hike in the nearby mountains, and learn about the town’s mining past. It’s a great place for those who love adventure and want to see the natural beauty of the desert.

The selenite found in Ray is quite striking, appearing as sprays of colorless, translucent crystals. These crystals, along with a variety of other minerals, are discovered in the mines around the area.

Caineville, Utah

large mountain with a flat field in front of it

Caineville is surrounded by striking rock formations and vast desert landscapes. It’s a place where the earth stretches out in shades of red, orange, and brown under a wide, open sky.

Visitors can go hiking to explore the unusual rock formations, enjoy off-road driving on the rugged trails, and camp under the stars in the quiet desert. It’s a perfect spot for adventure seekers and those who love the outdoors.

You can find large, very clear selenite crystals in Caineville. These impressive crystals are discovered in the soil and rock formations around the area, where other Utah crystals might also turn up.

Sierrita Mountains, Arizona

large flat grassy field with mountains on the horizon
Photo by $1LENCE D00600D

The Sierrita Mountains are a rugged landscape with rolling hills and a mix of desert and brush. They stand under the wide Arizona sky, offering beautiful views and a sense of wilderness.

You can enjoy hiking on trails that wind through the landscape, spotting wildlife, and taking in the stunning desert scenery. It’s a great place for outdoor enthusiasts to explore and experience the beauty of Arizona’s natural spaces.

In addition, you can find small selenite crystals in the Sierrita Mountains that are almost as clear as glass. These glass-like crystals can be discovered in or near the mines on the mountain.

Troup, Texas

low buildings along a road
Photo by Billy Hathorn

Troup is a small town surrounded by nature. It has wide-open spaces, farms, and forests, giving it a peaceful, rural atmosphere.

There are various activities like hiking, fishing in nearby lakes, and enjoy picnics in the parks. It’s a quiet place for people who like spending time outdoors and enjoying the simple things in life.

You can find well-formed double-terminated selenite crystals in Troup. These crystals can be found in the clay pits around the area.

Arlington, Texas

large brick building lined by trees

Arlington is a bustling city filled with green parks and busy streets. It’s a mix of urban life and outdoor spaces, where you can find both tall buildings and wide-open parks.

In Arlington, there are lots of fun activities like visiting theme parks, watching sports games, and exploring museums. It’s a place with something for everyone, whether you’re into thrilling rides or learning new things.

You can also find well-formed selenite crystals in clusters that are clear and colorless in Arlington. These crystals can be discovered in the various roadcuts around the city.

Kerhonkson, New York

white building along a road
Photo by Daniel Case

Kerhonkson is a peaceful place with lots of natural beauty. It’s surrounded by forests, mountains, and clear streams, making it a picturesque spot for nature lovers.

People can enjoy hiking on scenic trails, visiting local farms, and exploring state parks. It’s a great place for outdoor adventures, relaxing in the beauty of nature, and spending quality time with family and friends.

You can find clear, colorless selenite crystals shaped like rhombuses in Kerhonkson. These beautiful crystals can be discovered in the area’s rock outcrops. You might also find other New York rocks or minerals in the area.

Great Salt Lake, Utah

Great Salt Lake with bushes in the foreground

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is a vast body of water that sparkles under the sunlight. It’s surrounded by desert and mountains, making the views spectacular from every angle.

People come to the Great Salt Lake to enjoy activities like sailing, bird watching, and hiking around the shoreline. The lake is also famous for its beautiful sunsets, which paint the sky in vivid colors.

Around the Great Salt Lake, you can find translucent to clear selenite crystals that are wide and flat. These crystals are often found on the shores and near the water.

Butte, Montana

aerial view of a city with mountains in the background

Butte is a city with a rich mining history, surrounded by tall, rugged mountains and wide-open skies. The landscape is dotted with the remnants of old mines, giving it a distinctive look that tells the story of its past.

In Butte, you can find clear and colorless selenite crystals that are thin and needle-like. These crystals can be searched for in the mines in and around Butte, offering a glimpse into the geological treasures that lie beneath the surface.

The selenite crystals in Butte are known for their clarity and needle-like shape. They are typically found in the area’s mines, providing an interesting adventure for those interested in geology and mining history.

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