15 Best Places To Find Fluorite That We’ve Found

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD

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15 Best Places To Find Fluorite That We’ve Found

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD


Fluorite dazzles with its rainbow of colors, lighting up like a kaleidoscope. More than its looks, its unique characteristics make it a standout. With hues that span from deep purples to vibrant greens, each piece brings a thrill of discovery to anyone.

We’ll share the best places to find fluorite in the US. This quest will take you across diverse landscapes, from hidden corners in quiet forests to sun-drenched deserts. By the end, you’ll be excited by the sense of adventure this mineral will bring you!

Best Places To Uncover Fluorite

Finding fluorite in the US can lead you to a variety of locations, each known for its distinct characteristics of this colorful and often fluorescent mineral. Here are some of the top places you can include in your next fluorite-hunting trip:

Cave-In-Rock, Illinois

A view of the magnificent entrance of Cave-In-Rock

Cave-In-Rock sits along the Ohio River in Illinois. It features striking landscapes that are a dream for rockhounds! This area is wrapped in history and rugged beauty, with its famous limestone cave that has been a landmark for centuries.

The terrain around Cave-In-Rock is a mix of gentle hills and river bluffs. It’s here, among the rich geology, that fluorite takes center stage.

The fluorite here has bright, vivid colors ranging from deep purples to greens. They form in cubic crystals, sometimes alongside other minerals like calcite and galena.

Rosiclare, Illinois

Gorgeous rock formations at Illinois Ozarks located in Rosiclare

Rosiclare, once known as the Fluorspar Capital of the World, has a landscape that’s marked by the rolling hills and lush greenery of Southern Illinois.

Beneath the surface, this town boasts a rich geology, with layers of ground that have long been a source of fluorite.

Fluorite’s value in Rosiclare isn’t just in its beauty but also in its role in the town’s history and economy. The crystals found here range in color from deep purples to greens, often illuminated with a striking glow.

Marion, Kentucky

Sunrise view from Scott's Ridge in Marion

Marion, Kentucky, is tucked away in the heart of Crittenden County, part of the vibrant landscape known as the Illinois-Kentucky Fluorspar District.

Surrounded by gentle hills and dotted with lush forests, it offers a peaceful yet exciting ground for those who love to explore. This area is especially famous for its fluorite.

The fluorite here comes in shades that range from deep purples to vibrant blues. These crystals aren’t just pretty to look at; they’re a part of Marion’s geological fingerprint, showcasing the area’s rich mineral heritage.

Elmwood Mine, Tennessee

A purple fluorite crystal on a dark red-brown sphalerite from Elmwood Mine
Fluorite on sphalerite from Elmwood Mine photo provided by Collector’s Edge Minerals – @collectorsedgeminerals

Elmwood Mine is nestled in the heart of Smith County in Tennessee, an area known for its scenic beauty and rich natural resources. Its terrain is a mix of rolling hills and lush valleys.

This mine is a special spot for those in search of unique treasures beneath the ground.

It’s famous for its fluorite that’s often accompanied by sphalerite, making the specimens even more interesting and valuable to collectors. These crystals can range in color from rich purples to golden yellows.

Denton Mine, Illinois

A mix of vibrant blue and deep purple colors in a single raw fluorite from Denton Mine
Fluorite from Denton Mine photo provided by The Fine Minerals Reserve

Denton Mine, located in the heart of Illinois, is a spot that has caught the eye of many looking for special rocks.

It sits in an area known for its rich deposits of minerals, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Illinois landscape. Its terrain is a blend of flatlands and gentle hills.

This mine is particularly famous for its fluorite, which shines in hues of deep purple, vibrant blue, and sometimes a mix of both.

Bingham, New Mexico

Light blue to dark purple crystals of fluorite from Bingham
Fluorite from Bingham photo provided by Matt and Ashley

Bingham is nestled in the vast landscapes of the Southwest. It’s surrounded by rugged mountains and open skies, offering an untouched natural beauty.

Bingham’s geography is marked by its high desert terrain, which is proof of ancient volcanic activity and rich mineral deposits. Among the treasures found here, fluorite stands out for its striking beauty.

The fluorite from this area is known for its green and purple colors, often found in well-formed crystals that are highly sought after.

Wise County, Virginia

A picturesque view of nature in Wise County

Tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains, Wise County offers a stunning backdrop of rolling hills and dense forests.

With its rich history and natural beauty, it invites you to wander and wonder at what lies beneath your feet. Fluorite finds a special place here among the variety of minerals.

Known for its vibrant colors, from deep purples to cool blues, fluorite here is a sight to behold. These crystals are often found in smooth, cubic shapes.

Mina, Nevada

Rocky outcrops at Mina

Mina is a small town with a big heart for anyone interested in the secrets of the ground. Surrounded by the vast, open landscapes of the Nevada desert, its terrain is a mix of rugged mountains and wide-open spaces.

Mina’s geology is as varied as the landscape itself, but its fluorite stands out for its stunning beauty in this area.

Here, fluorite colors the desert with shades of green and purple, hidden in rocks that wait to be discovered.

Clay Center, Ohio

Deep to light brown cubes of fluorite on a white crystal of celestine from Clay Center
Fluorite on celestine from Clay Center photo provided by Khushall Fine Minerals

Clay Center might seem like any other small town at first glance, but if you have a keen eye for rocks, it’s a special spot. Nestled in a part of Ohio known for its flat landscapes and rich soil, Clay Center offers more than meets the eye.

The geology of this place is fascinating. Among the layers of earth here are stunning specimens of fluorite.

Known for its color-zoned fluorite crystals, Clay Center produces specimens that are unique in their clarity and range of colors within single crystals.

Spencer, Idaho

Postcard-like view of the mountains and green field at Spencer

Spencer, Idaho is known for its breathtaking landscapes that stretch from mountain peaks to open valleys. This area is rich in natural beauty, with the Snake River Plain painting a picturesque scene that’s as beautiful as it is geologically significant.

Its land offers more than just stunning views; it’s a playground for those who love to explore. Spencer is particularly famous for its fluorite.

This area produces fluorite in a variety of colors, including clear, green, and purple specimens.

Fluorite Ridge Mining District, New Mexico

Apple green octahedron crystals of fluorite from Fluorite Ridge Mining District
Fluorite from Fluorite Ridge Mining District photo provided by Phil Simmons & Erin Delventhal

True to its name, the Fluorite Ridge Mining District is endowed with the vibrant colors of fluorite. Surrounded by the stark beauty of the desert, it’s marked by rugged terrain, where rocky hillsides meet the clear blue sky.

It’s a landscape that’s both challenging and rewarding for rockhounds. The geology of this district is a wonder all its own, with a variety of minerals that have formed over millions of years.

Fluorite takes center stage with its stunning range of colors from greens and purples to blues and yellows.

Crystal Peak, Colorado

Amazing view of the rocky terrain of Crystal Peak

Crystal Peak seems like it’s straight out of a storybook, with its towering mountains and wide-open skies. Nestled in the Rockies, this area is a paradise if you love the great outdoors and if you’re interested in rocks and minerals.

Its geography is diverse, featuring everything from pine forests to rocky outcrops, all adding to the adventure of exploring. What makes it extra special is its fluorite.

The fluorite found here is known for its bright colors, from rich purples to greens, each piece a beautiful reminder of nature’s wonders.

La Sal, Utah

A gorgeous view of the interesting landscapes of La Sal

In La Sal, Utah, the desert meets the sky, offering breathtaking views and a sense of adventure to anyone who visits. This area is known for its rugged mountains and vast, open landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see.

The geology here is just as impressive, with a rich variety of minerals hidden beneath the surface. La Sal is particularly famous for its fluorite, which are like jewels scattered across the land.

This area produces fluorite in greens, purples, and clear crystals, sometimes associated with uranium minerals.

Madison County, Montana

A view of the Madison Range in Madison County

With its wide-open valleys surrounded by towering mountains, Madison County offers breathtaking views and a sense of adventure. The land here is rich with history and natural beauty, from sparkling rivers to dense forests.

This place stands out for rockhounds because of its fluorite. This mineral comes in a variety of stunning colors, including shades of green and blue.

The fluorite here often forms in beautiful clusters that catch the light just right and in various shades of green and blue.

Jamestown, Colorado

Aerial view of the green mountains surrounding Jamestown

Jamestown sits still in the Rocky Mountains, offering an adventure for those who love to explore the wonders of nature. This small, historic town is surrounded by forests and mountain streams.

The area’s geology is as diverse as its landscape, with a variety of rocks and minerals. Among them, fluorite stands out for its beauty.

This location is known for its green and purple fluorite crystals, which are often found in association with quartz and silver minerals.

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