The Different Colors of Aquamarine And What They Each Look Like

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD

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The Different Colors of Aquamarine And What They Each Look Like

By Dr. Keith Jackson - Geology PhD


When people think about what color is aquamarine, they often picture a sparkling blue. In reality, this gem can show a range of blues, from deep to very light, almost clear.

The color of aquamarine comes from iron in the earth where it grows. Darker stones usually have more iron, which makes them a richer blue.

We’ll dive into the less common colors of aquamarine, exploring shades that range from greenish-blue to very light blue. These variations make each stone unique, offering a wide palette for enthusiasts and collectors.

The Most Common Aquamarine Color

When people think of the color aquamarine, they usually imagine a serene blue that mirrors the sea. This gemstone’s calming blue is famed worldwide and easily recognizable.

Aquamarine forms deep in the earth under high pressure and temperature. It’s a variety of beryl, the same mineral family as emerald.

The process of creating each aquamarine is long, taking thousands of years. The result is a crystal clear, durable gem that captures the essence of the ocean’s depths.

The Different Colors Of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a gem that shows off a splendid range of colors, each captivating in its own way. This variety makes every piece of aquamarine jewelry unique and special.

The color of each stone is a story about where and how it formed. The differences in environment and elements present during formation affect the final hue of the gemstone.

Exploring the colors of aquamarine is like taking a journey through the earth’s natural artistry. Each color reflects a specific set of conditions and components, resulting in the beautiful gem we see.

Deep Blue

deep blue cushion cut aquamarine
Aquamarine provided by RealGemsMinerals

Deep blue aquamarine is a captivating color that mirrors the darkest parts of the ocean. This particular shade is often more sought after due to its rich and intense color.

Countries like Brazil, Nigeria, and Madagascar are well-known for producing deep blue aquamarine. The specific geological conditions in these areas allow for the creation of this striking gemstone.

Mining for deep blue aquamarine requires precise techniques and knowledge of the earth’s geology. These gems are typically found in granite rocks, pegmatites, and sometimes in alluvial deposits of rivers.

When considering how much is aquamarine worth, several factors come into play, including color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Generally, the more intense the color and the larger the size, the higher the value of the aquamarine.


rectangular green-blue aquamarine
Aquamarine provided by TheJewelsShine

Green-blue aquamarine color is a unique blend that reflects the shallow, sunlit edges of the ocean. Here, green and blue are more evenly balanced, offering a refreshing and vibrant hue.

This shade of aquamarine is commonly found in countries with rich deposits of the mineral beryl, such as Brazil, Madagascar, and Zambia. These regions have the perfect conditions for forming the distinct greenish-blue variety.

The mining process in these areas often involves both surface and underground methods to extract the gemstones. After mining, the aquamarines are cut and polished to enhance their natural beauty and color.

Greenish Blue

greenish blue oval cut aquamarine
Aquamarine provided by MineralsHub

Greenish blue aquamarine is a sight to behold, with colors that remind one of the sea meeting the sky. This color blends the tranquility of blue with a subtle hint of green, similar to tropical waters.

Countries like Brazil, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are well-known for their greenish blue aquamarine deposits. The specific mix of minerals in these regions contributes to the distinctive color seen in the gemstones.

Mining for these gems often takes place in remote, mountainous areas where the minerals are formed. The stones are then carefully extracted, cut, and polished to showcase their beautiful hue.

For those interested in discovering more about these gems and perhaps finding some themselves, check out our guide on rock hunting near you. It offers tips and locations for finding a variety of rocks, including greenish blue aquamarine.

Light Greenish Blue

rectangular light greenish blue aquamarine
Aquamarine provided by 2 – UnitedgemstonesIN

Light greenish blue aquamarine is captivating for its gentle and soothing hues. This shade of aquamarine is predominantly blue with a subtle hint of green, reflecting the serene moments of early dawn.

Countries such as Nigeria, Mozambique, and the United States, especially in Colorado, are renowned for their deposits of light greenish blue aquamarine.

The extraction of these gems involves a careful and respectful approach to the earth, often in locations where the natural beauty of the surroundings is as stunning as the stones themselves.

Once mined, these aquamarines are treated with care to bring out their best colors and clarity.

For those with a keen interest in discovering similar treasures, consider delving into crystal hunting. Our crystal mining guide offers insights and tips for finding your own gems, including the tranquil light greenish blue aquamarine.

Light Blue

rectangular light blue aquamarine
Aquamarine provided by Adamasiberica

Light blue aquamarine is a gentle reminder of calm waters and clear skies. Its soft hue is soothing and often sought after for its peaceful presence.

This delicate color is primarily found in countries known for their gemstone riches, such as Brazil, Pakistan, and Zambia. The geological conditions in these places are just right for forming the subtle light blue shades of aquamarine.

Mining for light blue aquamarine is done with care to ensure the gem’s natural beauty is preserved. After being carefully extracted from the earth, these stones are cut to showcase their light blue color, ready to be cherished by all who see them.

Pale Blue

cushion cut pale blue aquamarine
Aquamarine provided by NarshihaGemAndJewels

Pale blue aquamarine is often described as the gemstone version of a whisper due to its soft, light hue. This shade is a pale, translucent blue, reminiscent of a clear sky and is popular for its serene and delicate look.

It is commonly found in countries with large deposits of beryl, such as Brazil, Madagascar, and Zambia. The unique geological conditions in these places allow the formation of this light, almost watery shade of blue.

The mining of pale blue aquamarine requires careful extraction to preserve its quality and color. Once brought to the surface, these stones are cut and polished, revealing their gentle blue hue.

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